How to Care for your Flowers

Learn how to care for your flowers to get the most life out of them. Our mindful flowers don’t cost the earth and are created and delivered with care throughout Christchurch.

How to Care for Your Flowers

Your Koha Iti will arrive all tucked up for transportation. It needs to be unwrapped and popped into water as soon as possible to make the most of your flowers.

  • First remove the hessian, which can be reused for other wrapping or craft projects.
  • You will see what looks like a cellophane bag around the stems, this is home compostable – pop it on your compost heap and it will break down over the course of time. You may want to cut it into smaller pieces to speed up the process.
  • Your flowers will either have wet wrap or some flower gel to keep them hydrated during transportation. Discard the wet wrapping or simply rinse the flower gell off under cold water.
  • Ensure you have a clean vase to pop your flowers in and fill it about ½ way with fresh cold water. You may want to pop a splash of bleach or a tablespoon of white vinegar into the water to discourage any bacterial growth and 1 tsp of sugar as food for your blooms.
  • Estimate the length of stem you want to maintain then recut the stems on a 45 degree angle with some sharp scissors or a pair of clean secateurs. This will help them draw up fresh water. Remove any foliage that will sit in the water.
  • You can either leave the string on your bunch or remove it to give your bunch some breathing space.
  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, change your water source every couple of days and recut the stems. You will find some flowers last longer than others when cut so keep an eye on your bunch and remove any flowers that have reached the end of their cut life to keep your bunch looking lovely.

Most of all enjoy your little gift because someone thinks you are pretty special.